Our Vision

Protect our earth, start from respecting all our living lives
Will you wish to give cows a chance to live again ?

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For generations, cows have always been serving us loyally, particularly in countries such as China where the economy has had a long history of relying dominantly on agriculture. However, as our society shifted from an agricultural-based economy to an industrial one, people gave up farming and thereby their draught cows. Being abandoned and expelled from deserted farms, these former draught cows became strayed and ended up homeless and helpless

The abandoned and strayed cows were caught and detained by the Government. Cows Home Hong Kong bought them from the Government so as to save them from being slaughtered, and provides them a home where they can spend the rest of their lives.

Cows Home Hong Kong has been running for almost nine years. Recently, the site where Cows Home is currently located needs to be redeveloped. It also suffers from the lack of environmental resources and water supply, Cows Home Hong Kong soon has to move to another site and is now looking urgently for a new place for the cows to stay. On the new site, we intend to set up an education farm to promote the use of cow manure for organic farming and the use of cows as draught animals so that they can once again serve and make contribution to the society.

We also plan to work together with other charity organizations to offer a number of social services, such as research on the cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs, counselling for problematic teenagers, family entertainment centre, counselling for ex-prisoners, offering recovering drug-addicts opportunities to be rehabilitated, promoting respect and care for the elderly, research centre for healthy vegetarian diet as well as counselling for psychiatric patients. 

All living beings have the right to live. We plead with everybody to join us to respect life and honour the tradition of benevolence and gratitude in Chinese culture as expressed in the Chinese proverb:

"When drinking water from a well, think of those who dug the well and be gratuitous."

May all human beings raise the excellent virtue "Respect all living things".

Hymn for Cows

How great are cows, they devote all their efforts to agriculture;

How hardworking and humble are cows, they bear responsibility;

How kindhearted are cows, they never blame farmers who whip on their back or hurt anyone, they are always friendly to humans and all living creatures;

But at the end, they had to be sold to be slaughtered when they were old, they even do not get their dead body buried, skin, bones, flesh all sold.

Where's the justice and human nature?

Please help and support to foster cows
Good act will be well rewarded

Contact Details

Miss Yeung Yeung
pager 7771-6566
fax 2815-2175
email : cowshomehk@yahoo.com.hk
( Donation ) or cowsvolunteer@yahoo.com.hk ( Volunteer )
website http://www.cowshome.org

Donation methods:

Please send cheque or bank pay in slip with your name, postal address and telephone number to:

PO Box 73046,
KCL P.O. Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Official receipts will be issued and sent to donors. Donations over HKD100 are tax exempt.

Cows Home Hong Kong site at:

DD 91 Tai Lung Village
Sheung Shui
Hong Kong

Any enquiries, please telephone to : 7771 6566  or

Fax to : 2815 2175 to contact Miss Yang Yang

 Mailing address :

PO Box 73046,
KCL P.O. Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Web site : http://www.cowshome.org

Email :  cowshomehk@yahoo.com.hk ( Donation )  or cowsvolunteer@yahoo.com.hk ( Volunteer )

Help wandering cows find a home to stay